In its 11th annual release, ImpactAssets has identified and collated some of the most high impact investment firms operating globally today.

The ImpactAssets 50 (IA 50) represents a cross-section of investors across geographies, sectors and asset classes. In total there are 143 funds, representing $US 117 billion in assets. 

In 2022, the core list of firms is also joined by two others:  the IA 50 Emerging Impact Managers list (which captures smaller funds, and those with a track-record less than three years). And the Emeretus list (which captures 36 managers that have been consistently included in the IA 50 over the past decade). 

The database is pulled together by a high profile review committee, led by Jed Emerson. The committee has a clear set of criteria for identifying private capital fund managers that are having a positive impact, while also delivering a return to investors. 

To make the main list, they must have a minimum of $US25 million in assets under management, have a 3-year track record, they need to operate in more than one country, and must accept investment from the US.

Some notable Australian-based funds made the list, as well as others with strong links downunder. 

Conscious Investment Management

Melbourne-based Conscious IM made the ‘Emerging Impact Managers List’. Their community housing project, with the State Government of Victoria, was highlighted as a strong example of bringing together private and public capital with the impact insights of charitable organisations that know the needs of those on the ground.

“We recognise that investors don’t always have lived experience of a particular challenge, and our Impact Partner model assists us to combine impact and investment. We identify and source investment opportunities together with our Impact Partners, before conducting our own independent investment assessment of the opportunity.”


Well-known global private equity manager, LeapFrog, was included in the Emeritus category, recognising its long-term commitment to impact and its placing in the list for ten years running!

“LeapFrog’s goal is to open the gates of capital markets to purpose-driven businesses that provide emerging consumers with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty. LeapFrog typically invests between US$20m and US$75m in high-growth, purpose-driven financial services and healthcare businesses in emerging markets in Asia and Africa.”


With a focus in South and South-East Asia, Patamar Capital is a VC investor targeting high-growth companies in the consumer sector. 

They also made the Emeritus list, highlighting their ability to generate consistent returns, over an extended period of time, in a highly volatile market, while staying true to their impact thesis. 

“Seventeen years of investing in Asia’s low-income populations provides the fund with a “market intelligence” premium. Companies misperceived as too risky for mainstream investors achieved successful exits following Patamar Capital’s investment and support through the Series A and Series B rounds of financing.”


Based in Singapore, Sweef Capital is a gender-lens impact investor that targets opportunities for women as entrepreneurs, employees, consumers and leaders. 

Its main fund is the $US150 million Southeast Asia Women’s Economic Empowerment Fund (“SWEEF”).

“Sweef Capital is the only Southeast Asian regional fund that is investing in companies where diversity and gender equality are essential to the enterprise’s leadership, operations and value chains and key drivers of value of investment and company performance.”

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