Private equity firm, Leapfrog Investments, saw the impact of its portfolio companies expand to reach more than 221 million people in 2020. The firm targets companies servicing ‘emerging consumers’, with 80 per cent of those reached being of low-income, with many gaining access to the services for the first time.

The impact investment firm specialises in delivering capital and management expertise in the  healthcare and financial services sector. This year, new acquisitions included PasarPolis, an Indonesian insurtech business. It services low-income individuals who haven’t previously had access to insurance. The micro-insurance products are targeted towards emerging industries such as delivery couriers and ride-hailing drivers.

In 2020, Leapfrog’s insurance companies paid out claims totalling $US629 million, an increase of 37 percent.

Leapfrog led a $55 million round for Indian genetic diagnostics firm MedGenome. The company is focussed on genetic research and data in South Asia and the wider region. They’re a regional leader in mapping the genetic traits of diseases specific to the area. 

In a year marked by devastating demands on healthcare services, Leapfrog’s healthcare companies more than doubled the number of services delivered to 21,700. Providing millions of people with access to telemedicine, equipment and medication.

“Through the toughest period of our lifetimes, LeapFrog’s extraordinary purpose-driven companies protected families and businesses, helping them survive and even thrive amid the storm. Reaching 221 million people, while increasing portfolio value by 22 percent, is a remarkable achievement for our teams and investors. But this is just the beginning of driving recovery and resurgence. We are on track to reach one billion people by 2030.” CEO and founder, Andy Kuper, said. 

On the revenue side, Leapfrog’s investee companies have grown by an average of 26% per cent per year. 

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