Next week’s Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific will kick off nice and early at 7:30am with the Catalytic Impact Investing Breakfast, where two philanthropic organisations — Snow Foundation and Paul Ramsay Foundation — share their approaches, learnings and examples of catalytic investments.

The breakfast session will feature Georgina Byron, CEO of the Snow Foundation, Ben Smith, Head of Impact Investing at the Paul Ramsay Foundation, as well as Pia Clinton-Tarestad, CEO of Clean Slate Clinic, Matthew Tominc, Chief Investment Officer at Conscious Investment Management (CIM), and Geoff Smith, who is CEO of Australian Spatial Analytics (ASA). The panel discussion will be followed by a Q&A.

The purpose of the session is, firstly, to raise awareness of catalytic impact investment.

It will also share Snow Foundation and Paul Ramsay Foundation’s story, purpose and vision, along with the broader impact of catalytic investment, through the examples of CIM, CleanSlate and ASA. 

The session will promote openness and discussion among guests, with guests provided the opportunity to connect and discuss the role of foundations in impact investing.

More ImpactConnect enterprises

Additionally, the list of ImpactConnect pitches at the Impact Investment Summit continues to expand. 

I previously outlined six of the enterprises presenting in the ImpactConnect Deals room — “ImpactConnect pitches showcase new impact investment opportunities”, and last week I listed the speakers at The Snow Foundation’s Opportunities Showcase session — Snow Foundation’s Catalytic Impact Investment Opportunities Showcase.

An additional six enterprises presenting in the ImpactConnect Deals room have now been announced. 

Summit Day 1: Wednesday 20th March 2024

11:30am – ImpactConnect Deals Room:

This session will see three live pitches of investment opportunities in Australia’s clean energy transition, regenerative agriculture and carbon in Australia, and the forest landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Adding to the previously announced Australian Ethical Infrastructure Debt Fund & New Forests, this session now includes:

SLM Agri Carbon Fund is a new A$250 million fund to invest in regenerative agriculture and carbon in Australia. The Fund will acquire farmland properties in higher rainfall areas of New South Wales, Australia and implement regenerative agriculture to deliver essential nature-based climate solutions at scale. 

12:20pm – ImpactConnect Deals Room:

The Snow Foundation’s Catalytic Impact Investment Opportunities Showcase will feature:

Summit Day 2: Thursday 21st March 2024

Three live pitches by innovative, for purpose organisations delivering financial returns and significant social impact.

11:15am – ImpactConnect Deals Room:

Joining LendForGood at this session is Hotel Etico and i=Change.

Hotel Etico Australia is Australia’s first social enterprise hotel, employing and training young adults with disability in hospitality and independent living skills. After 3 years of operation, Hotel Etico Blue Mountains has reached self-sustainability through earned revenue, (Accommodation, Food & Beverage, Events, NDIS). While Hotel Etico continues to grow the Blue Mountains business organically, they are now ready to scale by opening new sites across Australia and we are looking for property partners.

With several years of growth and revenues, i=Change is bridging the worlds of business & NGOs, and ready for significant scale. The business is raising up to $2M for further investment in product, marketing and revenue diversification.

12:00pm – ImpactConnect Deals Room

This session includes three live pitches addressing the challenges around Specialist Disability Accommodation and social housing in Australia.

The session will feature Australian Unity Specialist Disability Accommodation Fund & Barwon Disability Accommodation Fund and now:

The Future Housing Taskforce “Micro Build-To-Rent Solution 
The Future Housing Taskforce invites investors to explore an innovative approach to build-to-rent, offering unprecedented speed and efficiency in delivering compact, innovative housing solutions Imagine transforming a standard 400m2 residential block into five appealing, single-story micro-apartments in less than ten months. This approach is ingeniously integrated within a Rooming Accommodation framework, with unprecedented benefits to both investors and tenants.

2:35pm – ImpactConnect Deals Room:

Three live pitches of investment opportunities to combat climate change by rewilding Sydney Harbour and creating better parks; investing in the Pacific through blended facilities, and generating premium carbon credits, via biodiverse tree planting.

Joining Blue Green Australia – Re-visioning Rushcutters and Rewilding Ironcove is:

CAMCO Climate and impact investing in the Pacific through blended facilities
Camco is raising funds for multiple blended facilities offering climate and impact investing opportunities in the Pacific. The facilities are supported by donor governments and augmented with market development facilities (MDFs) to develop capacity and capability, thereby giving investments a greater chance of success.

The Kakariki Land Generation Fund provides exposure to carbon markets, with the security of real asset ownership. It will purchase mispriced Australian farmland to generate premium carbon credits, via biodiverse tree planting. The land will be redesigned to integrate carbon farming with food production and will enhance ecological health.

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