LinkedIn recently reported that the need for ‘green jobs’ is growing nearly twice as fast as the number of workers with the skills to fill them. WorkforClimate’s online course seeks to meet the demand for greenskilling employees and mobilise professionals who can influence rapid climate action from their corporations.

“We know that climate is top of mind for employees when it comes to aligning with workplace values and that corporations have a huge part to play in cleaning up their act and decreasing emissions. But only 1 in 8 people currently have the skills relevant to abating the climate crisis*. So we need to change that, quickly,” says WorkforClimate Director Lucy Piper.

The upcoming WorkforClimate Academy course will take enrolled employees on a three-month learning journey, involving a combination of on-demand material and fortnightly live sessions with climate experts and coaches. 

The curated learning experience will teach students the technical knowledge required to level-up their climate literacy and leadership skills to identify and influence the right decision makers and build the most persuasive business case for change.

“Business-as-usual is failing us and corporate inaction is costing us our last chance of a safe and stable climate. So we are on a mission to build a movement of people on the inside of the corporate sector who are driving change from within, and it’s already working.”

Previous WorkforClimate Academy graduate Laura Wilson, who helped her company move to 100% renewable energy said that the online community kept her inspired and motivated during the wins, and the setbacks, “I find I come away even more excited and passionate because you realise there’s all these other people who are doing their own thing in their corporation. You just learn so much.”

WorkforClimate is on a mission to accelerate climate action using the most powerful tool a business has: the people who work within it. Employees of all stripes, skillsets and seniority levels. 

The WorkforClimate Academy Course educates and empowers employees with the essential leadership skills to help their business adapt to large-scale environmental change.

The WorkforClimate Academy kicks off on Monday the 8th of April and is currently open for registration to employees of for-profit companies with at least 50 employees.

The program will cost ‘company-funded employees’ $599 and WorkforClimate is offering a significant discount for individuals who are self-funding the course, charging just $199.

Join the WorkforClimate community today or sign up to the next Academy course.

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