Wide Open Agriculture, the ASX-listed regenerative food and farming company, has successfully integrated its Buntine Protein® into two recently launched third party consumer products in Australia and the USA. 

Having just sold its Dirty Clean Food brand, the regenerative food and farming company has focused its attention on its Buntine Protein® product — a revolutionary climate-conscious, plant-based protein derived from lupins grown in West Australia.

WOA’s operations are underpinned by a ‘4 Returns’ framework that seeks to deliver measurable outcomes on financial, natural, social, and inspirational returns.

Buntine Protein®

Manufactured under a globally protected patent, Buntine Protein® is a versatile ingredient that is used to create plant-based dairy, meats, baked goods, and protein supplements. It is a sustainable and adaptable alternative to traditional soy and pea proteins, offering a large commercial opportunity to replace and improve products that currently rely on conventional plant proteins.

The legume-based protein source is steadily gaining traction among Australian and global food companies, with WOA currently working to scale up commercial production. 

Demonstrating the commercial viability and consumer reach of lupin protein as an ingredient — and validating the company’s commercial strategy — WOA has successfully integrated Buntine Protein® into two recently launched consumer products; one in the Australian baked goods market and the other in the USA plant-based dairy market. 

The newly launched products are CHONK cookies in Western Australia (containing Buntine Protein®), and Superitalia coffee creamer (containing the former Prolupin isolate LP90) available in the USA on Amazon. 

CHONK cookies

CHONK vegan cookies uses WOA’s Buntine Protein® to create a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and soy-free treat that is both sumptuous and sensitive to dietary needs. These cookies are available for sale in Western Australia and represent a new venture into the vegan snack market. CHONK cookies is a brand from West Australian based Noshing, a leading vegan food manufacturer in Western Australia.

See chonk.au

Superitalia coffee alternative

The second product, from Italian company Superitalia, is a premium coffee alternative that uses the former Prolupin isolate LP90 to make an Instant Superfood Cappuccino. The full range is available on Amazon in the US. 

Find Superitalia on Amazon USA

“We are immensely proud to witness the debut of Buntine Protein® in the consumer market, a great result from our team’s dedication and the innovative spirit of Wide Open Agriculture,” said WOA CEO Matthew Skinner. 

“These are not just product launches; they are a great leap forward in our mission to deliver sustainable and health-focused food solutions to the global market. We are excited to see how these products will resonate with consumers and pave the way for further innovations.”

Wide Open Agriculture is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: WOA) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA:2WO).

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