5 reflections from the Impact Investment Summit by Purpose Made

  • No token impact investment
    • Kerry Series from NorthStar Impact Funds challenged the community to get real on impact investing, saying token ESG investment has set us back 20 years.
    • We need to ensure capital is going to where it’s needed most to create real impact.
  • Beyond a gender-lens
    • We all know too little money goes to women-led startups and when it does there is significant ROI.
    • So let’s get real on impact, it’s not about fixing women to fit the systems, it’s about changing the impact investing system through education, removing bias and having way more women have make the decisions.
  • Deep tech is not enough
    • Through our obsession in investing in tech, we aren’t investing in conditions that need to exist to make it successful.
    • We need to combined investing in deep-tech with the social infrastructure needed to change behaviour by taking a systems approach to investment.
  • Measurement confusion
    • There is a still lot of talk about measurement but still very few doing it, and even fewer are doing it well.
    • Let’s stop obsessing over perfection and the simple silver bullet approach, and accept its complex and get measuring.  
  • Go a lot faster
    • The pioneers in impact investment are frustrated.Whilst significant progress has been made, the pace of change and size of capital to address our biggest challenges.
    • Less talk, more action.

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