Today is International Women’s Day, and so it’s fitting for this week’s Summit Sessions insight to explore the all-woman panel that will be featured on day one of the Impact Summit (Thursday 30th March)

It’s called the Gender Lens Investing Action Panel, and it will bring together an international triumvirate of investment and business leaders. 

The three panelists are both experts and practitioners in gender lens investing, and they want to take the audience from talk to action! They’ll share their experiences, and their ideas, about how to mobilise capital towards the huge opportunity of empowering women, and growing female-focussed businesses. 

Moderator Julie Reilly (CEO of Australians Investing in Women) will be joined by:

  • Dr Julia Newton-Howes, CEO (Investing in Women), 
  • Durreen Shahnaz, Founder & CEO (Impact Investment Exchange, IIX, and IIX Foundation)

The Impact Investment Summit 2023 will be held on 30-31 March at the Sydney International Convention Centre, all the details are here.

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