KPMG Private Enterprise is calling all game-changing tech innovators and entrepreneurs to take part in its 2024 Global Tech Innovator Competition.

More than a contest, the competition is a celebration of entrepreneurship and technological advances, offering the chance to showcase your venture  — whether a pure technology company, tech-enabled, tech-led, or tech-driven — in front of 70,000 investors, founders, innovators and policymakers. 

Entering the 2024 Global Tech Innovator Competition

This year’s competition will see tech entrepreneurs from 23 countries take the stage, challenge each other and leave an enduring mark on the world. 

It is open to any technology entrepreneur that has operated for less than five years and has innovative, proven technologies, robust business models, the ability to demonstrate traction in their activities and the potential to scale up. 

Applicants are typically technology entrepreneurs who are successfully making the transition from the startup phase to the next stage in the growth of their businesses. 

Each company will be given around five minutes to both pitch and answer questions from a judging panel. Pitches will be judged by a panel of industry and KPMG experts, with scores based on six, equally-weighted criteria:

  1. Disruption and innovation
  2. Market potential
  3. Customer adoption
  4. Market traction and marketing
  5. Long-term potential
  6. Pitch quality

Country/region winners will receive exposure and recognition through local media coverage and KPMG corporate channels. The country/region winners will also be put forward as finalists in the Global Tech Innovator competition, which will take place in November 2024.

2023 Global Tech Innovator winner – won the Global Tech Innovator trophy in Australia last year. Its Smart Interviewer™ platform, driven by deep-learning AI, earned it the chance to represent Australia in the global contest. As part of the prize, CEO and Founder Barb Hyman and the team flew to Lisbon, Portugal in November to showcase their venture in front of 70,000 investors, founders and policymakers.

“Winning the Australian competition and being part of the global contest has reinforced our belief in the impact of ethical Al and its potential to address critical issues in the workplace. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase Australian Al innovation on a global platform. The experience has fuelled our determination to continue making strides in transforming the hiring landscape,” said Barb. 

An unrivaled platform to profile your business

Now in its fourth year, the competition benefits include: 

  • National and Global Exposure: Raise awareness of your innovation and your business by showcasing it on a prestigious platform to a national and global audience of industry experts, investors, potential partners and customers. Increase your company’s local profile through business and social media posts that reach tech and business influencers in your country.
  • Validation and Recognition: Enhance your credibility in the tech industry and potential investors, partners and customers by gaining recognition and validation for your innovation as a finalist (and potential winner) in country and global pitch competitions.
  • Networking opportunities: The competition is a hub for networking, fostering collaborations, and gaining insights from seasoned professionals. Connect with fellow tech innovators and join a global peer-to-peer network to share ideas and build important connections in a growing community of high-achieving tech entrepreneurs.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Access the experience of KPMG mentors and advisers who provide valuable guidance, expertise, and mentorship to refine your innovation and navigate the challenges of scaling up your tech.
  • Media and Publicity: Gain media coverage and publicity at the regional and global level to boost your innovation’s visibility and market presence and attract potential users, customers and future sources of funding.
  • Learning and Growth: From the initial application to the regional and global pitch presentations, the competition can be a significant learning experience. Feedback from judges and interactions with other participants can help refine your innovation and presentation skills.

Enter now for your chance to showcase your venture in front of 70,000 investors, founders and policymakers: KPMG Private Enterprise Global Tech Innovator in Australia 2024.

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