Save-the-Children Australia launched their pioneering impact investment fund at the start of last year, and the portfolio is growing with an allocation to Natural Carbon, a fair-trade carbon project manager focussed on returning value to landowners and local communities. 

Natural Carbon has a ten year track record, with particular expertise in savanna burning projects in northern Australia. They’ve developed more than 15 projects, including 10 savanna burning projects that cover more than 1 million hectares. 

They partner with First Nations communities to register projects with the Emissions Reduction Fund so they can earn Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

“Given the rapid development of carbon markets around the world and the potential for carbon and biodiversity credits to be a significant source of SDG funding, we think there is huge potential for Natural Carbon to work with Save the Children to develop projects that achieve both environmental as well as social outcomes; it’s carbon credits with strong co-benefits.” Says Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children Australia. 

“In addition to the projects with indigenous Australians, we are also looking at blue carbon projects in the Pacific and reforestation projects in Asia in areas where Save the Children has an existing footprint.”

The worst outcomes of climate change threaten the most vulnerable children in our world, more than others. Save the Children recognise the fair trade approach of Natural Carbon will help to shift more of the value of sustainable land and water management practices to indigenous and local land-owners. 

Carbon and biodiversity credits offer an opportunity for Save the Children to bridge the $2.5 trillion funding gap needed to achieve the SDG’s. Their impact investment approach has taken the lead globally as the charity sector is forced to adapt to the decline in traditional sources of development funding.

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