Rosemary Addis has represented Australian impact investing interests on a global stage, but she’s now extending the reach of her network and her influence as she partners with a stable of impact investment leaders from around the world to launch Mondiale Impact

The impact advisory firm will target directors, investment managers and policy makers to navigate the changing world of ESG, sustainability and impact.

“What’s brought us together is the next frontier of delivering on commitments toward a more sustainable future” Rosemary says.

“As more companies and investors enter the arena, governance is the lynchpin to maintaining trust and seeing commitments translate to investment and action.”

Rosemary was the founding chair of Impact Investing Australia, she represents Australia on the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) and she sits on a range of boards, including Sweef

At Mondiale, she will be joined by a global team of high-impact peers: Laurie J Spengler is founder of Courageous Capital Advisors (London), Karim Harji is a Professor at Oxford Impact Measurement Programme (Toronto), Dolika Banda is Non-executive Director at Harith Infrastructure Investment and a Global Ambassador for the GSG (Johannesburg), and Mario Calderini teaches social innovation at the Politecnico di Milano, School of Management (Milan).

“We are focusing on a need in the market for leaders to be able to tap into experience for how to contribute positively to a sustainable future.  This is about governance  for 21st Century challenges – and opportunities.” Rosemary Addis says. 

“For example, Boards can, and will need to, steward their organisations to climate action that enables sustainable industries that are inclusive of workers and close existing and emerging gender gaps so that the net effect does not compound the challenges and create new ones.  Mondiale Impact will help leaders navigate that stewardship role.”

Mondiale means ‘the world’ in French, and the organisation’s structure is decidedly global, with partners dispersed across the planet. 

“The Partners will work together to provide a truly global and multi-dimensional perspective.  We’ll have two Partners lead on an engagement and be able to tap into the brains trust of other members as appropriate.” Rosemary says. 

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