To achieve Net-Zero by 2030, a staggering $18 trillion gap between funding commitments and the required investment must be bridged. 

Seeking to help close the funding gap for climate-positive projects is SaaS-based regenerative finance platform, RegenX.

Utilising blockchain technology, RegenX makes it easy for investors to gain direct exposure to projects that do good, helping to overcome the key challenges of accessibility, market liquidity and transparency faced when seeking to invest in positive impact projects.

Accessible impact investments

This week I spoke to RegenX CEO and Founder Ishan Dan, who explained how the venture works to democratise impact investing by connecting investors with climate positive projects, removing restrictive barriers and promoting accessibility. 

RegenX has partnered with the ASX to create a liquid market for climate assets through a tokenised, fractional ownership platform. It also bundles carbon credits with capital investments, providing both benefits for businesses and further gains for investors. 

“Tokenisation works by breaking down sustainable projects such as a solar power plant into smaller, more affordable bits. Thereby democratising impact investing to a larger, more global audience of investors,” said Ishan. 

“We are committed to transparency and efficiency. With blockchain, we can offer both, changing how investments are made in renewable resources.”

“The best part is that we are backed by the ASX and building on the ASX Synfini’s enterprise grade DLT blockchain network.”

Harnessing the transformative power of asset tokenisation creates a more transparent, and liquid market for impact investments. It lowers the barriers to investment, allowing more investors to contribute to meaningful projects, from wind farms, solar projects to reforestation efforts​​.

Along with its partnership with the ASX, RegenX has also partnered with Startupbootcamp, KPMG’s High Growth Ventures Team and DLTx. These collaborations ensure its projects meet the highest standards of compliance and Australian financial regulations. Both the ASX and KPMG’s expertise in financial services provide a robust framework for risk management and operational integrity, further building trust with stakeholders.

Intuitive Dashboard

Regenx also partnered with climate analytics provider and developer mistEO to create an intuitive dashboard that simplifies the investment process. 

The intuitive dashboard — now a working prototype — provides investors with easy access to investment opportunities and real-time metrics on the impact of their investments. It grants access to real-time data streams from installed assets, which can inform industries such as weather forecasting, insurance, and natural disaster prediction. 

Investments’ impact are evaluated using Sustainalytics’ ESG Impact Framework to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), with a focus on climate action.

Paid proof of concept

RegenX has a pipeline of 51 solar power projects and is currently completing a paid Proof of Concept to tokenise a project of a major solar power developer. The collaboration will demonstrate the practical benefits of the RegenX platform in real-world applications, and highlight its commitment to supporting tangible, impactful environmental projects.

Isha said, “Our proof of concept is underway and it will be validation of our vision to make a sustainable investment accessible and transparent through cutting-edge distributed ledger technology.” 

Now raising to fund platform development

RegenX is now actively raising a seed round of $500,000 from wholesale/sophisticated investors that will culminate in the launch of the platform and the facilitation of five transactions in the market.

Proceeds will fund the continued development of RegenX’s intuitive dashboard, right through to the minimal viable product (MVP), which it is aiming to launch early next year. This will include the continued development of the technology, leverage of existing market contracts and data streams, and establishing brand and positioning.

“Looking ahead, this funding is just the beginning. We’re setting the foundations for a scalable platform that promises to transform the landscape of sustainable investing,” said Ishan.

“Every dollar raised is a step closer to a world where sustainable investing is the norm, not the exception. We’re excited to lead that change with RegenX.”For more on RegenX visit, or contact Ishan Dan at

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