John Donovan is the Managing Director at AFM Investment Partners

What was your first job/s?

Working at Kmart part time while a student.

When did you first discover the concept of Impact Investing?

I have always been interested in what is now called Impact Investing which to me means investing honourably, investing for the future, and creating something better.

What is your vision or what do you wish for?

Simply put, a vision where impact investing becomes mainstream.

What’s one exciting initiate or development you and your team have in the pipeline?

We are active in sustainable private credit and plastics circularity.

Is there anything that annoys you?

Not really, ‘roll with the punches.’

Name one high impact company (local or globally) that investors should keep their eye on?

Lombard Odier’s Investment Management’s focus on impact investing.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do this work?

Get involved.

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