Palladium has put out a call for proposals for its 2022 Challenge Fund, and this year there will be two categories, Measuring the Value of Nature, and Jobs for Refugees.

The international development organisation commits 1.5% of its profits to a global giving platform, and in partnership with Kyema Foundation, it runs the Challenge Fund to tackle a major global problem of the time. 

“It’s critical that we address the timely needs of refugees, while at the same time, staying focused on the ever-present climate crisis,” says Sinéad Magill, Palladium Managing Partner.

The chosen organisations will receive $75,000 to contribute to their innovative approaches to either of the categories. 

“How do you ensure that nature-based solutions are benefiting people and planet?”

This is the question being asked of projects tackling the challenge of Measuring the Value of Nature. 

Impact investors know well the wicked challenge of impact measurement, and as the funding of nature-based solutions grows more popular, so too will impact measurement have to become more sophisticated. 

They’re looking for new technologies, innovative approaches and disruptive tools that measure impact and accelerate the pace of solutions. 

“Around the world, our teams are implementing nature-based solutions and experimenting with different means of measurement, and the solutions that could emerge from the Challenge Fund have the opportunity to significantly impact the sector as a whole.” Sinéad says. 

How Can We Sustainably Employ Refugees?

The second category is focused on Jobs for Refugees: Offering dignity and employment to people fleeing from conflict.

The resettlement of refugees has become a growing challenge in recent years. As the war in Ukraine continues, more displaced persons will need support, and the Challenge Fund is focussed on helping refugees find meaningful employment. 

“It’s become abundantly clear that far from being the beneficiaries of their host countries, refugees can provide much needed labour, a skilled and educated workforce, and a source of innovation,” Sinéad explains.

Apply now, the call for proposals opened on June 15th.

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