The Melbourne-based startup was founded by two brothers who recognised the huge potential of electric bikes to get people moving, and out of their cars. 

Ben Carr had worked in China and Germany, working on mobility solutions around eBikes and scooters. While Dan Carr was working in commercial finance.

They made the decision to give it a go in 2019, and they took delivery of their first batch of bikes in February 2020, right at the start of the pandemic. 

For many businesses this would have been a crushing blow, but bikes boomed in popularity as people were eager to avoid public transport. The problem actually became a lack of supply of the bikes from Vietnam, and they soon had a wait list. 

The bikes aren’t your average mountain bike. They’re a low-slung frame, with smaller wheels than most bikes. But when paired with a powerful electric motor, and storage capacity for all your shopping, and even a couple of kids, you begin to see that this product offering is something completely unique.

The weekly cost is either $44 for the basic frame, or $61 for the long wheel-base cargo bike. That may seem a little exy, but when you realise the bikes retail for upwards of $6,000, you see that this is a new offering. It’s more than a push-bike, but it’s cheaper and cleaner than running a car.

“With over 70% female customers and 80% of bikes configured to carry passengers, we are really excited about the progress we’ve made to make cycling an option for every day transport and providing a real alternative to their car for a whole new segment of Australians”.  Dan says.

They launched in Sydney this year, and with their sights set on getting more bikes to more Aussie cities, they’re looking to raise more funds.

In anticipation of a larger Series A round later in the year, they’re currently raising debt and equity funding.

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