A new impact fund has been launched under the Palisade banner, aiming to take a cross-sector approach to driving the race to zero: zero emissions, zero waste and zero inequality.

Palisade Impact will be led by Steve Gross former Macquarie head of impact and Chair of Homes Victoria, and Jeremy Wernert, former Head of Macquarie Capital Asia.

The fund will deploy capital aimed at both social and environmental issues, while maintaining their Macquarie pedigree of delivering strong risk-adjusted-returns. 

“It is important to grow impact together with investors and our partners. That means not only in the investments we make but as a manager supporting the broader growth of the industry and supporting causes through grants and advocacy. It is important that impact is both who we are and what we do,” said Steve Gross.

There will be an emphasis on infrastructure, with the approach leveraging the experience and resources of Palisade in areas such as waste management, digital infrastructure and renewable energy industries.

“As the world moves to a greener more equitable future driven by changing trends, technology and policy this presents a significant opportunity for our investors who are seeking greater impact in their portfolios. Steve and Jeremy have a global track record of growing businesses, successfully helping investors invest in sustainable infrastructure and delivering impact. Equally importantly, they have the highest integrity and a commitment to impact not only in their work but in their support of other important causes,” said Roger Lloyd, Palisade CEO.

Operational expertise, and ESG oversight, will come from Karen Gould who will take on the role of Chief Operating Officer. She has a depth of experience as a climate change and renewables lawyer, UN Climate Change Negotiator, and most recently as an Investment Director managing Palisade’s renewable energy developments. 

The impact approach will be boosted by a philanthropic allocation of 2% of firm equity to a charitable foundation. 

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