The Kilter Agriculture Fund has launched at an institutional scale with assets covering 7,000 hectares and worth $65 million. 

Kilter Rural has long experience as a natural capital asset manager, and with this fund, it aims to regenerate 30% of the land by 2030, as part of the COP 15 Biodiversity Frameworks 30×30 target. 

It’s targeting a healthy 10-12% returns with a focus on increasing crop yields, optimising water rights, and expanding carbon credit opportunities. With considerable opportunities to increase tree cover. 

The deal highlights the growing investor focus on productive land, driven by recognition of the potential for regenerative agriculture to increase current yields, while also providing a more sustainable business model; in an industry that’s likely to be increasingly impacted by climate change. 

Monitoring impact outcomes will be key in this emerging space. As fund sizes grow, it’s hoped this drive for positive biodiversity outcomes can be maintained inline with better yields. 

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