White Box Enterprises has announced the launch of its $3.8 million ‘Payment By Outcomes’ trial program, to coincide with the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) happening in Brisbane this week.

The program will see 170 people, who are living with disability, being supported as they take up employment in one of nine jobs-focused social enterprises that are part of the trial. 

These are: Australian Spatial Analytics, Cleanable, Dismantle, Green Collect, Jigsaw Australia, Kalan Enterprises, STREAT, YMCA Rebuild and Your Town.

The project aims to apply targeted funding to support businesses that will on-board and train those with special needs, while not disadvantage those businesses if the employee chooses to leave. 

The contract will make payments only once certain impact hurdles are met, in terms of metrics such as job retention over time.

“This trial provides a very real opportunity to shape new approaches that build on people’s strengths, skills, passions and all of the benefits of positive employment.” says Sally Quinn, co-founder and CEO, Green Collect.

In conjunction with the Federal Department of Social Services, its focussed on the long-term outcomes for getting people into jobs, and helping them stay there with training and career support. 

“We look forward to seeing the role jobs-focused social enterprises can play, alongside the strong disability employment services system we’re creating.” says Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth.

It’s the third PBO trial under the Australian Government’s Social Impact Investing Initiatives. But it’s unique due to the involvement of social enterprises and impact investors. 

A combined $750,000 has been invested by the Macquarie Group Foundation, Tripple and Hand Heart Pocket Foundation. The funds will cover upfront costs, with returns flowing back to investors depending on the achievement of key impact outcomes. 

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