ImpactConnect 1:1 will take place at the Impact Investment Summit. In a new format, it offers pre-arranged one-on-one meetings between investment managers and businesses, with sophisticated, wholesale and institutional investors, during the summit. In this series we’re introducing the funds and the business leaders presenting at the event, so stay tuned.

Fund name:

The Investmeant Fund

How does the fund work?

The fund holds a portfolio of property, real assets and widely diversified social enterprise finance, delivering a resilient income stream to investors, that is uncorrelated to broader investment market returns.

What impact themes are you targeting?

The goal of the fund is to build a community to embody systems change across a multifaceted outcomes-focused approach.

Common themes across all portfolio social enterprises include a strong commitment to sustainability and innovative action to address climate change at a grassroots and community level.

It is also to create empathy, empowerment and employment pathways for a wide range of people who have fallen through the gaps in society. We have chosen industries that have long and bright futures.

Finally, it is also to allow wider access to transformative impact investments for the broader public.

Tell us about the Pure Collective, what are the businesses in the portfolio?

The Pure Collective is a group of innovative social enterprises seeking to lead their respective industries, whilst providing opportunities through training and employment pathways for people who have fallen through the gaps in society.

The collective is made up of a combination of mature, profitable and time tested business models, as well as a small number of early stage, impact rich projects which have tremendous scale and growth potential.

Mature businesses include financial advice, wealth management practices; and corporate and franchise hospitality businesses. Early stage startups include off-grid housing construction along with eco-tourism partnerships with First Nations communities and other landholders; classic car restoration and EV conversions; and finally synergistic battery recycling and repurposing applications.

What’s the returns model for your investors?

The return model is an ongoing annual distribution currently set at 5%, which may be increased in the future inline with inflation.

What are the requirements for investors?

The current wholesale fund structure allows for sophisticated investors only, however in the coming three months a retail option will be established to allow anyone to invest in The Investmeant Fund.

What’s the most interesting development you’re seeing in the impact space at the start of 2023?

The most interesting development that we have witnessed in early 2023 is the convergence of activity to mobilise action and funding and desire for more widely accessible impact investments in the mainstream.

More and more people from diverse walks of life have been directly impacted by the catalytic events over the last 2 years. Through climate change, through floods and fires, through Covid, through rising costs of living, through changes to the future of work, as well as a wide range of other issues that can be influenced through mindful impact investment.

The demand seems to be growing exponentially from a wider demographic of investors. From mums and dads, to the countries’ largest superfunds; more people genuinely want to understand the impact of their investments to make sure it aligns with their own values.

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