ImpactConnect 1:1 will take place at the Impact Investment Summit. In a new format, it offers pre-arranged one-on-one meetings between investment managers and businesses, with sophisticated, wholesale and institutional investors, during the summit. In this series we’re introducing the funds and the business leaders presenting at the event, so stay tuned.

Company name: 

Impact Ag Partners

Asset class of your fund: Real Assets – Agriculture and Carbon 

Investment minimum: $2m 

What impact themes are you targeting with this fund?

  • Land restoration 
  • Nature as a climate solution 
  • Decarbonisation
  • Sustainable production of food and fibre 

What are the key return drivers of your strategy?

We improve the productivity of land through restoration and implementation of regenerative agriculture practices. Our focus is on increasing the production and profitability of agricultural commodities, while also driving a measurable improvement in ecological health and biodiversity.

On top of this, we look for opportunities to generate, measure and monetise natural capital. We develop strategies to generate carbon credits, including Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU), as well as offsets in voluntary markets.

We also explore ways to leverage emerging models of biodiversity offsets, plus integrating renewable energy and efficient water management.

Can you share a BRIEF case-study or example of an asset in your fund?

At a large commercial scale grazing enterprise in northern NSW, over the past 10 years, we have been able to improve productivity, increase on-farm biodiversity, increase soil carbon and participate in a utility scale renewable energy project.

This has resulted in income streams from livestock and carbon credits, and soon to be biodiversity protection and renewable energy. 

When did you first discover impact investing?

Since 2016 we have been scaling new forms of regenerative agriculture, all while demonstrating impact across various metrics. It’s only more recently that we as a business felt we had the track record and data to prove our impact and therefore start engaging the impact investing community. 

What’s the most interesting development you’re seeing in the impact space at the start of 2023?

The growing opportunity to be financially rewarded for land restoration and using nature as a climate solution.

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