Global Steering Group for Impact Investment’s (GSG) Impact Taskforce (ITF) recently released its State of Play 2023 report that highlights the urgent need to mobilise private sector capital in emerging economies. 

The report assesses progress achieved since its landmark “Time to Deliver” report to the UK G7 Presidency in 2021, significant progress towards impact transparency. Increasing barriers to private sector impact investment in emerging economies and significant shifts in global geopolitics and macroeconomics are examined.

Core findings and recommendations include:

  • G7 and G20 should lead the way to a common framework for mobilising private capital.
  • The urgent need for DFIs and Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) to mobilise private sector capital, creating greater pools of catalytic capital in emerging economies.
  • There must be a collective effort to ensure reporting standards work together, stakeholders from emerging economies have to be involved standard-setting.
  • There is compelling evidence to scale-up outcome partnerships. By paying for specific outcomes, not activity, private capital can be mobilised for better social, climate and environmental impact.

On top examining the current state of the market, State of Play 2023 delivers a practical toolkit for policymakers, regulators, standard setters, DFIs and investors.

You can download the report here.

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