Role & Organisation: 

Founder and Managing Director, Champion Life Education 

And, recent participant of Social Impact Hub’s Scaling Impact Accelerator, take a look at the demo-day video here.

What was your first job?  

My first unofficial job was giving flute lessons to kids in my neighbourhood when I was 13. First official job was as an aerobics instructor at 16. This was the 80’s so there was lots of matching fluro and I loved it. 

When did you know you wanted to start your own business?  

About 7 years ago and it was a combination of passion and desperation that led me to start the business. My family financial situation needed to change and at the same time, I reconnected with my past area of interest,  the benefits of regular physical activity.  A tech platform seemed like the best way to reach as many people as possible so I very naively started an ed tech company! 

When did you first discover the concept of Impact Investing?  

Very early in my journey, I was lucky enough to participate in The Difference Incubator’s Two Feet course. It gave me a great introduction to impact investing. 

What’s one exciting development you and your team have in the pipeline?  

We are expanding our reach into aged care and home care. People of all ages and abilities often need additional support to engage in regular physical activity and we are excited to be able to help the full age spectrum. 

What’s the most interesting development in the social impact space you’ve come across in the past 12 months?  

So many more companies are becoming BCorps, I think it’s really positive.  We have our application in and hope to be certified soon. 

Name one high impact company (globally) that other founders and investors should keep their eye on?  

Safety Culture.  They are a fast-growing Australian success story.  I was lucky enough to be at a presentation by their founder earlier this year.  All their decisions as a company are tied to ensure they achieve their mission, to make workplaces around the world safer.

What’s your vision for social enterprise in 5 years time?  

That social enterprise will be more recognised by the wider business community and people stop confusing us with charities and not for profits. 

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