Clare Hanratty OnImpact

What was your first job? Treasury Accountant with BP in New Zealand (a long time ago!)

When did you know you wanted to work in finance/business? 

I’m not sure it was a conscious decision – I think I went into it because I was strong at accounting and economics at school and I wanted to travel, so thought it would be helpful. 

When did you first discover the concept of Impact Investing? 

I had been aware of it for some time through our efforts at the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to find new ways to fund reef research in the face of climate change. When my husband and I went to the UK in 2016, I took the opportunity to take a year out and do a masters in impact investing for biodiversity conservation which deepened my knowledge considerably. Then I ran a social and impact investment fund in the UK and developed a great appreciation for the power and potential of capital to underpin environmental outcomes.

What’s one exciting development you and your team have in the pipeline? 

GoodWolf and Brightlight have been collaborating on a pilot programme with a group of charitable foundations exploring their impact journey and bringing in the investment strategy within the mission and outcomes focus of the organisation. More exciting news to follow when we complete the workshop series later this month…

What was the most interesting Impact trend you’ve recognised in the past 12 months? 

It’s been great coming back to Australia to see growth around impact investing for environment, indigenous and women really progressing.

Name one high impact company (globally) that investors should keep their eye on? 

I’ve been a judge on the UK Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge in recent years and thought one of this year’s competitors Charge BnB AS brought an innovative concept to the charging of electric vehicles. 

What’s your vision for impact-investing in 5 years time? 

I would very much like to see greater connection between social and environmental impact investing. At present I feel that there is either a focus on social impact investing or environmental impact investing but the reality is that these issues are very closely intertwined – issues like climate change affect those who are disadvantaged more deeply and if our transition is to succeed at the pace that is required we must bring everyone along the journey.

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