OnImpact recently presented ‘Impact Connect’ – a forum for funds and organisations to pitch to sophisticated investors and share stories about the change they’re sparking across the globe.

Huber Social, Inspire Australian Equities and Good Return spoke to a virtual audience of engaged investors interested in making their financial choices a force for good.

In the world of impact investing, there’s a staggering array of opportunities for investors to influence change, whatever generation you’re part of.

As a new member of the team at OnImpact, I had the opportunity to attend ImpactConnect and learn from impact entrepreneurs and qualified investors who are working hard to change our world for the better. As a person who is only at the start of the journey, planning for an impactful and sustainable financial future, I know there’s an urgent need for change in the wider financial sector, so I’m also beginning my own mission to find sustainable investment options, and hopefully be inspired about more socially responsible choices.

The financial decisions of millennials are often unfairly generalised as being hooked on buy-now-pay-later and avocado toast, but, my generation is actually leading the movement towards environmentally and socially conscious consumer behaviour. And this also goes for decisions around investing.

Capgemini’s World Wealth Report in 2020 revealed that 40% of high-net-worth individuals, younger than 40, are interested in sustainable investing. Similarly, a recent Bloomberg survey has suggested that sustainable investing is the biggest trend in 2021 for Millennials and Gen Z’s.

We must be aware of the potential for impact-washing, but the trend is heading us in the right direction.

Huber Social

Huber Social, one of the participating funds at ImpactConnect, has a mission of ensuring that no one is left behind with their ability to determine social value. Measuring an organisation’s social value encourages transparency in the sector and identifies opportunities to further grow and develop.  

Georgina Camp, CEO at Huber Social spoke to the company’s work in developing a Global Wellbeing Database and how this can change  decision making processes and  make a real difference on many levels of decision making.

Good Return, and Inspire Australian Equities

When exploring opportunities for sustainable and impactful investments, we’re all asking how we can do more to address the world’s most pressing challenges. During ImpactConnect, Shane Nichols, CEO of Good Return Investment Fund and Kerry Series from Inspire Australian Equities Fund pitched sustainable and ethical solutions which deliver a positive social impact to communities around the world, while also providing competitive financial returns

I learned a lot from these funds, about supporting businesses, creating opportunities for those in need, and investing in companies with a focus on education, healthcare, renewable energy and affordable housing. Impact Connect demonstrated that not only can we do more to address these challenges, but some have made huge progress already.

ImpactConnect, is not only a forum to hear how these funds and entrepreneurs are working to make a difference but, it’s an opportunity to connect with a community who’s embracing the ability to do well by doing good.

ImpactConnect is on again in 2022 as part of the Impact Investment Summit, a four-day festival of impact. Register here and join a like-minded community of game changers and future makers, movers and thought leaders in to reshaping lives, livelihoods and life of the planet.

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