The Australian government is still yet to commit to net-zero emissions by 2050. As the world moves forward without us, an alliance of business groups is taking the initiative to begin the planning process now. 

It’s called the Climate Ready Australia 2030 (CRA2030) alliance, and it’s being led by Griffith University’s Climate Ready Initiative (CRI). It has brought together Engineers Australia, the Planning Institute of Australia, the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council.

The alliance has committed to a five-year collaboration that will drive a sustainable economic transformation for Australia.

The board is chaired by Rosemary Addis, a renowned impact investment professional and sustainability advocate.

“Done well, the transformation required by climate change has the capacity to deliver substantial positive social, economic and environmental benefits,” Rosemary says.

“But, if we don’t keep pace with global expectations we will increasingly see Australian goods and services penalised, such as through facing higher trade tariffs. Our agriculture, energy, health, and infrastructure sectors all face major threats that we must prepare for.”

The board also includes economist and former leader of the Liberal Party, Dr John Hewson AM, and Australian business leader Ann Sherry AO. 

The CRA2030 will be convened by Sam Mackay. He’s Executive Director of the CRI, and knows well the importance but also the challenges of bringing together disparate industry and community groups.

“By joining, industry and community groups can help to shape a shared plan for sustainable development that builds on past successes. This includes identifying the big transformative actions and investments needed to minimise Australia’s risk and enhance our opportunities in a rapidly transforming world,” Mr Mackay said.

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