“With all the hype around ‘responsible’, ‘sustainable’, ‘ESG’ and ‘impact’ investing practices, how do Trustees and Directors make sense of this new paradigm, and bring the investments under a whole-of-organisation impact approach?”

This is the question leading the next round of workshops that will bring together Directors, Trustees and Senior Management of Australian Trusts and Foundations, to discuss and understand the changing investment landscape, and how they can align their capital with their mission.

As impact investing grows and evolves, there is a huge opportunity for trusts and foundations to move beyond grant-giving for their impact outreach, and to also invest their corpus into projects and businesses that are aligned with their mission. 

The workshops are being led by Goodwolf, in collaboration with experts at Brightlight and Milner+Huang.

They will work through areas of resistance, demonstrate portfolio models, and explain key industry issues and trends. 

These sessions are bringing together industry experts, with leaders of trusts and foundations to explore the nuance of fiduciary concerns, legal and policy challenges, as well as investment opportunities. 

Sessions are being help in Victoria, NSW and Queensland, more details can be found here

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