The 2021 Impact Summit was sadly postponed until next year, but, we didn’t want October to stay bare of impact insights, so we’re bringing you the Wisdom Circles Series – Lunch with Impact. 

Three sessions, over three weeks, starting on Wednesday October 13th. 

Here’s an introduction to our first speaker, Gino Borges – Ph.D, Curator:

Gino is at the centre of a very rare venn-diagram; he’s an investor, a property developer, and a poet. 

Like many before him, the discovery of impact investing was like a light-bulb going off. It was a sudden crack in the wall of office-life, and it let the light in. 

He saw an opportunity to use his financial and business skills, to do more than get rich.

“I didn’t want to simply make more money, I wanted to make money more.” Gino says.

This realisation led him to become a partner at OpenPath. An investment management company that buys apartment complexes and transforms them into vibrant communities, called Urban Villages.

All across the US they’ve helped to create villages, where previously there were individuals.

“People share walls but don’t necessarily share lives,”

They operate as the landlord, but they offer so much more. They run community events and workshops. They observe the nature of the people, and they devise interventions that hopefully, will bring them together as a community. And if they do their work right, they can step away, to see the positive vibes spread by themselves. 

“Residents who like where they live, stay longer, take care of the property and of each other. When this happens, everybody wins. Residents and investors win.” Gino says in his TedX talk. 

Gino’s personal impact only comes partly from his investment capital, he’s also a powerful communicator, he’s a poet. 

Personally, I think anybody who has felt the warm embrace of the impact investment community will have a story to tell about a particularly powerful oratory. A moment when their mindset and their perspective shifted. For many, it can be a big leap, and it takes a sincere and intelligent speech to shake-up the stories of capitalism and trade and greed and happiness that we all carry with us. 

Gino has a book, and a podcast, and he’s a regular on the speaking circuit. He’s an influencer, a thought leader, and he will be speaking at the Wisdom Circle session on October 16th. 

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