Two leading indigenous business building organsations have come together to launch the Indigenous-First Impact Framework.

First Australians Capital (FAC) partners with Indigenous businesses to grow and succeed, while Indigenous Impact creates and executes impact investing opportunities.

The launch of the framework marks an opportunity for all investors to recognise the unique nature of indigenous-led businesses, including the systemic and structural barriers to accessing capital. But also the huge opportunities for long-term impact by supporting strong local businesses and driving momentum in the Indigenous economy.

“We felt the investment market did not have a readily available resource that provided tools for engaging with the Indigenous economy. Importantly, there were no frameworks for investment that Indigenous people created.” Says Tiarne Shutt, Associate Director of FAC.

“We (FAC) kept receiving questions from investors about how they could best engage, invest, or support the Indigenous economy. This framework is our response to those questions.”

The framework is based around key pillars that define the way indigenous-led investments should be made. It recognises the existing barriers and issues that indigenous people face, as well as the importance of self-determination, cultural governance, and data sovereignty. 

It’s a guide for investors through the context, principles and practices required to achieve the goal of long-term, self-determined growth by Indigenous enterprises. 

“Investing in Indigenous-led enterprises is one of the best impact investments investors can make. The positive social and environmental impacts of Indigenous economic development are well documented. The time is now for the investment/ finance markets to play their part in accelerating the growth of the Indigenous economy.” Says Tiarne.

“The opportunity that presents itself now is for investors to engage with this Framework and reflect on what their role is and how far they are prepared to go in supporting Indigenous economic development.”

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