EarthTech has launched a global platform aiming to mobilise capital to drive progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

The technology startup has called it ‘e-harmony for innovation’. Operating like a dating service, the platform will play match-maker, curating relationships between buyers and sellers of innovation. 

“Customers, companies and countries are starting to care deeply about the environmental and social problems that we are leaving for future generations. As a father, I realised I needed to find a way to leverage my technology and entrepreneurial experience to do whatever I could to show my kids that my generation can be part of the solution”. Says EarthTech co-founder, Anthony Moorhouse.

It’s more than just a deal-board, it’s a database that gets to know your unique investment criteria. It creates a ‘mandate’ based on your answer to a series of questions, and then, if there’s alignment, it will show you possible ‘matches’. 

The platform is hoping to attract both impact investors and business founders; but it’s also recognising the growth of philanthropists to invest for impact, alongside grant-giving. 

“The EarthTech Platform is designed to help entrepreneurs who have the innovative ideas needed to create a sustainable planet to get deals done with investors, philanthropists, corporations and governments who need to create sustainable ways to deliver outcomes to their stakeholders.” says co-founder, Brian Keyes. 

Like the startups it backs, EarthTech has evolved and pivoted. It was founded in 2019 as an innovation challenge, unearthing and supporting game-changing social-enterprises from around the world. 

In 2020, they re-tooled the platform to find innovative solutions to the covid pandemic. And now in 2022, they’re going deeper, to help bring impact investors together with businesses hungry to grow. 

The EarthTech team is based in Noosa, they’re on a mission to positively impact 1 billion people by 2030.

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