Bloom Impact is an investment app that offers investors a diversified portfolio of growth assets that are screened for sustainability and targeting action on climate change. 

The fund gives retail investors access to a ready-made portfolio of stocks and bonds, but it also offers access to private market assets, like solar farms, that are otherwise only available to sophisticated investors.

The Brisbane-based founder and CEO, Camille Socquet-Clerc, was frustrated that she couldn’t find an investment product for retail investors, offering exposure to stocks screened for sustainability, so she built one herself.

“Impact investing is a 19.9 Billion opportunity in Australia but also one of the most scalable ways to address Climate Change. With Bloom, we can deploy much-needed capital into climate solutions but also allow thousands of individuals to participate and benefit from the clean energy transition. Australians can finally scale their personal impact and grow their wealth, by simply shifting their savings away from fossil fuels and towards climate impact.” Said Camille.

The positive screening model takes SDG13 as its foundation, focussed on taking urgent action on climate change. Fossil fuels are out, but they want to focus on companies making a positive impact. They follow models defined by Project Drawdown and ClimateWorks to shift our economy towards net zero. 

The startup venture raised a seed round of funding in 2021 as part of the Climate Solutions Program run by EnergyLab. They secured $675,000, led by EnergyLab, with support also coming from Collis and Cyan Taed, the founders of Envato, along with ACAC Innovation, Palm Beach Ventures, and NOAB Ventures.

The fund requires a minimum investment of $500 with regular top-up available through the app. They charge a monthly fee of $4.50 and an annual management fee of 0.8%. It’s operated as a managed investment scheme. 

They’ve brought on a seasoned group of advisors with Dan East, former investment officer at Future Super, as head of investments, and Adam Verwey, Melanie Maddens and Marine Dehayes sitting on the investment committee.

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