Following-on from our first-round announcement last week, this is the final batch of high-impact funds and startups that will be pitching their wares at the event. 

ImpactConnect is a live show-case, presenting the hottest impact enterprises that are all open for investment. They may be launching a fund, or raising a round for their social enterprise, but all the partner organisations have impact at their core.

The first session for 2022 will be held in conjunction with the Impact Summit. A high-energy event to prepare you for the broader Festival of Impact which starts next week! 

The list of organisations are below, so get to know them, and get excited for the Festival of Impact. 

It’s an opportunity to stay switched-on to open deals and current opportunities. 

Sentient-Tiverton Forever Fund

Well-known renewable agriculture manager, Tiverton, is joining forces with Sentient Impact, a fund manager that was spun-out from Impact Investment Group (IIG). 

The pair have signed a strategic partnership, and Nigel Sharp, CEO of Tiverton Agriculture, will be presenting the opportunity.

Together Sentient and Tiverton will acquire and develop a portfolio of Australian properties to regenerate farmland, sequester carbon at scale and restore damaged or destroyed native vegetation to create regionally significant biodiverse sanctuaries across Australia. 

The partnership will invest in properties and apply sustainable practices that restore soil health, promote biodiversity, enhance natural capital and sequester terrestrial and soil carbon, at scale, through a combination of agro-forestry and regenerative agriculture practices.   

The partnership has acquired a large property north of Albany in WA as a pure carbon play seed project that emphasises revegetating regrowth and native shrubs, and connecting with high value nature reserves to create regional corridors

Tiverton Agriculture has grown consistently over the past five years. It was founded in 2017 and now has more than $220 million in AUM 

Sentient was launched in 2021 and aims to become a leading global multi-asset manager. It already has more than $200 million in AUM, with plans in the works to launch new funds.

Today, Sentient manages six utility-scale solar farms in Victoria, Western Australia, the ACT and Queensland through two closed-end funds: the Solar Income Fund and the Solar Asset Fund.

Clean Teq Water

Clean TeQ Water (CNQ) is one of Australia’s most innovative water companies with a portfolio of technologies that offer fundamentally new approaches to water treatment and water re-use.

Their technologies address major challenges in the global water treatment market including high energy cost, limited water recycling, and pollution from secondary waste. Over the past 5 years, Clean TeQ has proved the technical and commercial viability of its technology solutions across a variety of project applications and holds over a dozen patents. 

Solutions include desalination, nutrient removal, zero liquid discharge and hardness removal. They focus on municipal wastewater, surface water, industrial wastewater and mining process water. 

Clean TeQ is listed on the ASX, and is now looking to accelerate growth and expand its footprint across the world.

Gane Energy

Gane Energy is a fuel development and licensing company based in Australia. They’re mission is to offer an alternative to diesel fuels, to reduce the impact of existing transport and power infrastructure. 

Companies around the world are looking for clean, low emission fuels. Batteries, hydrogen, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) are all choices which can work in some industrial applications, but they’re not always accessible. 

Gane offers a pathway to a cleaner, carbon neutral future for industry.

At their core, they derive revenues from licensing Gane Fuel IP to energy companies. They don’t manufacture fuels, engines or ancillary equipment.

They’re working with OEMs, technology partners, fuel companies and customers to enable industry to transition to a practical and affordable carbon neutral and cleaner fuel.

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