A few weeks ago we introduced Bank Australia’s new Head of Impact, and this week the bank has announced $4 million in grants to community organisations that are Bank Australia customers.

The bank is a mutual, which means it’s owned by its customers. Each year it allocates 4% of its after-tax profits to the impact fund, and a portion of that goes to grants. 

Recipients must be customers, and they must be an organisation. It’s open to both not-for-profits and social-enterprises alike.

They cover a broad range of themes, from climate action, to family and gendered violence, from support for first-nations communities to animal welfare. 

This year 22 organisations received a grant. Here’s just a few:

Balaangala community group Inc.

Creating a cultural safe space for First Nations people to have their voices heard, the community group hosts events, guests speakers and yarning circles. It’s a place for First Nations people to share their knowledge and experiences, and for non-First Nations people to broaden their understanding of colonisation. 

Bower Reuse and Repair Centre

A circular economy system of repairing furniture and household goods, that also directs much needed items to those in crisis accommodation. They not only stop surplus furniture going into landfill, they’re also easing the plight of those fleeing domestic violence, asylum seekers, and those in crisis. 

Cirque du Soil

This social enterprise diverts organic waste from inner-city Melbourne away from land-fill, they process it locally into rich compost, then return it back to the soil to help local communities grow. They manage the circular economy system as much as they do shifting the food waste and building the soil. They offer subscription plans to build a close-loop waste processing system. 

You can find the full list of recipients here

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