The Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative’s (ASFI) ‘Momentum Tracker’ report includes both a survey and case-studies from leading sustainable investors. The report reveals those who have taken action towards the recommendations of its roadmap, which was launched late last year. 

The original roadmap was a major milestone for the sector as it represented an impressive level of collaboration, united by a central committee, as well as reaching a level of professional maturity. 

The aims were lofty, and with this update we’re given an insight into progress being made by key players. 

A survey suggests that 2/3 of respondents have taken action to implement the ASFI Roadmap recommendations since its release. With 85% of respondents indicating strong support for the ASFI recommendations from senior leaders inside their organisations.

The report also includes a series of incisive case-studies that show the breadth and depth of the ways investors and asset managers are engaging with the recommendations. 

The NSW Treasury has carried out a gap-analysis to assess how the goals align with established government initiatives. Similarly, Aware Super noted recommendation 1 is a focus for them. 

Shifting towards action to link operations to the recommendations, we see AustralianSuper committing to Net Zero by 2050, as well as publishing its TCFD report. 

First Australians Capital has used the ASFI recommendations to guide a project pushing for racial equity. They’re guided by the need for collaboration, with a proposal to work with the Kelloggs Foundation and RIAA.

ASFI 2.0

The foundational recommendations made by the ASFO taskforce set a path for change over the coming decade, and with momentum building for action, there’s now w call to make the organisation a permanent fixture. 

Hopes for ASFI 2.0 include a formalised organisation, as well as the development of a progress framework to track progress with a uniform structure. 

The institution has the potential to be a vibrant convening body, as well as a central point of contact to engage with regional and international groups. The organisation is currently seeking founding members.

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