It’s been a week since the Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific at Sydney’s International Convention & Exhibition Centre and the inspiring discussions around community, social impact, and the transition to a more sustainable and resilient future remain top of mind. 

There was an extensive amount of content presented and discussions had across the ImpactConnect Deals Room, the many, many breakout sessions, keynotes, plenary discussions and panels, personal introductions, and more. 

If there was one thing that stood out from the two day event — as a first time attendee myself — it was the sense of camaraderie, of sharing ideas, goals, and the common desire to affect positive Impact amongst people with quite diverse individual experiences. 

It was the optimism that we can make an Impact.

But if I tried to condense all the highlights from the Summit in this short note, I’d most certainly fail to do it justice. How can I fairly sum up the insights of the more than 70 speakers, not to mention the unique stories of the attendees?

Instead, over the coming months, and to the benefit of both summit attendees and those who couldn’t make it, I’ll be following up on and showcasing many of the inspiring speakers, enterprises, and attendees from the event. 

So while the Impact Investment Summit is over for 2024, be sure to keep reading OnImpact as the conversations continue. (and share it with your networks!)

In this week’s newsletter, NorthStar Impact’s Kerry Series has kindly shared a piece on the ImpactConnect session: Digital Horizons, Analogue Roots – Navigating Education for All (Opportunities to Invest @ IIS: Education). 

Another topic for follow up that comes to mind — having been raised by an attendee from back of the room in the Plenary Panel: Dollars and Sense – An Unfiltered Look at Capital Raising Journeys — is tips for smaller enterprises pitching to raise impact capital (stay tuned). 

With that, I welcome all attendees, speakers and enterprises to share with me your biggest takeaways, or any particular topics or discussions you’d like me to follow up on from the Summit. Either leave a comment below, or email me at

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