The Office of Social Impact Investment (OSII) within NSW Treasury is seeking applications for social impact investments that advance education outcomes for First Nations girls.

The purpose is to fund programs that advance education outcomes for First Nations girls in any years from Year 4 to 9, empowering them to achieve their full learning potential, while strengthening their cultural identity. 

This may include programs that support First Nations girls to stay engaged with school, transition smoothly from primary to secondary school, and build confidence to explore development opportunities in and out of school.  

To empower First Nations organisations

Recognising that First Nations communities are best placed to shape the type of support needed, the opportunity is informed by hearing the needs of First Nations girls and in consultation with First Nations leaders and government agencies. The OSII wants to empower First Nations organisations to design programs that have the greatest impact for their community.  

The initiative has three overarching aims :

  1. Advance education outcomes for First Nations girls through an outcome-based approach.
  2. Empower Aboriginal organisations to design programs with the greatest impact for their community, recognising the right to self-determination.
  3. Trial an outcome-based approach to invest in the growth of Aboriginal businesses and the Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) sector.

Tender now open

The tender is open to Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) and Aboriginal businesses. Up to $7 million is available to fund service delivery of programs as outcome-based contracts with one or more applicants.

The tender is a two-stage process, aimed at reducing the workload for applicants who don’t progress to Stage 2. 

Stage 1 is now open on the NSW eTendering website and applications will close on 15 February 2024.  This stage is designed to understand the proposed program, service design, delivery approach, expected outcomes and capability to deliver the program under an outcome-based contract.

For more information, including capability building resources on outcome-based contracting, visit the OSII Website.

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