Climate impact platform Acacia Money is expanding its executive team hiring ex-CEO of GetUp, Paul Oosting, as Chief Growth Officer, and Toby Gray as Head of Impact and Governance.

The platform aims to be an operating system for managing both the financial and sustainability performance across an individual’s bank accounts, investments, super fund and energy providers.

Paul Oosting has had a storied career of environmental activision, supporting his dad to stop the building of pulp mills in Tasmania, and would eventually join The Wilderness Society to protest the development of Pulp Mills by Gunna and the logging of old growth forests. 

“I’ve spent my career driving environmental action, and it’s become pretty clear that accounting for peoples financial concerns will be key to the Net Zero transition. The reality is most people don’t make environmental choices without considering their financial impact. And people won’t act if it isn’t easy.” Paul says.

“What really attracted me to Acacia, was that it’s a comprehensive solution that brings together

environmental and financial data. And the platform makes action easy via connections to

ecosystem partners. I’m really excited about the potential impact that we can have.”

Joining him on the executive team is Toby Gray as Head of Impact and Governance. Toby has worked with WWF building their environmental impact platforms, as well as time with the Infrastructure Sustainability Council.

The team are committed to building a ‘trusted and independent platform’ that will empower customers to lead the transition to a net zero economy. 

Further support will come from an advisory team that includes Phil Vernon, ex-CEO of Australian Ethical, and Michael Molitor, a veteran carbon market expert.

“2022 had two main focuses for Acacia, the first was getting our core platform, data and partner connections in place to enable a comprehensive consumer solution.” says Anil Sagaram, Founder and CEO of Acacia. 

“And the second was putting in place the team we need for our next stage of development and growth. We are thrilled to have secured such high calibre people with a such deep connections to Acacia’s vision. Paul is an incredible strategic campaigner and community builder and totally behind Acacia’s mission. I couldn’t think of anyone better placed to drive Acacia’s growth with our members and corporate partners.”

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